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You may have a lot of questions about what to expect as a witness in a case. The relevant COPFS booklets listed in this page will be sent to you if you are cited to be a witness, but you can read them now by clicking on the links below. We hope they help answer some of your questions, for example about what to bring to court, what will happen when you get there and what expenses you can claim and how. 

If you are eligible for the Victim Information and Advice (VIA) service you will also be sent leaflets which give more information about the various aspects of the court process.

If you require further assistance or advice, please contact:


COPFS Enquiry Point 

Telephone: 0300 020 3000

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Information about the court process

Guidance for Witnesses

Summary Trials leaflet and translated versions

Petition procedure leaflet and translated versions

Sheriff and Jury procedure leaflet and translated versions

High Court procedure leaflet and translated versions

Sentences leaflet and translated versions ▼

Appeals leaflet and translated versions ▼

Giving your Statement (Precognition) leaflet and translated versions ▼

Information about your legal rights as a Witness

Victims and Witnesses - Access to Information Protocol

The Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014

The central
objective of the Victim and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014 (the Act) is to improve the experience of victims and witnesses within the criminal justice system in Scotland.  One of the key provisions is that victims and witnesses have a legal right to request certain information about their case.

pdfAccess to Information Protocol 

pdfAccess to Information Protocol - easy read version

docAccess to Information Protocol - COPFS Application Form – July 2015

docAccess to Information Protoccol - Scottish Court Service Request Form


Victims and Witnesses Bill

COPFS welcomes the opportunity to provide a response to the consultation paper on the Victims and Witnesses Bill. This Bill represents the commitment of the Scottish Government to improve the experience of victims and witnesses, a commitment which is shared by COPFS.

Victims and Witnesses Bill - Consultation Paper - COPFS Response

Our Commitments to Victims and Prosecution Witnesses

Our Commitment to Victims and Witnesses booklet an translated versions

How Can We Help You leaflet and translated versions s ▼

People with Learning Disability

Prosecution Policy and Guidance

The Prosecution Policy and Guidance section offers a range of resources in relation to the policy of COPFS on the prosecution procedure. It is divided into six distinct subject areas:

Scottish Government Witnesses booklets and leaflets with translated versions

Additional Scottish Government resources:

Information on other publications which you might find helpful is available on the Scottish Government Support after a crime is reported page, and their After a crime: your rights page.