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You may have a lot of questions about what to expect if you have been charged with an offence. We hope the COPFS booklets listed in this page will answer some of your questions, for example what the different aspects of the court process involve and how people with learning disabilities are treated by the Scottish Criminal Justice System.

If you require further assistance or advice, please contact:


  • Scottish Legal Aid Board: Organisation offering help towards the costs of legal advice and representation, for those who qualify. 


Information about the court process

Summary Trials leaflet and translated versions

Petition procedure leaflet and translated versions

Sheriff and Jury procedure leaflet and translated versions

High Court procedure leaflet and translated versions

Sentences leaflet and translated versions ▼

Appeals leaflet and translated versions ▼

People with Learning Disabilities

Prosecution Policy and Guidance

The Prosecution Policy and Guidance section offers a range of resources in relation to the policy of COPFS on the prosecution procedure. It is divided into six distinct subject areas: