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Maximising Attendance policy and Maximising Attendance procedure

COPFS aims to ensure that its staff are able to provide regular and effective attendance. COPFS will take distinct steps to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the Service and to effectively manage sickness absence. 

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

The disciplinary procedures will be used to provide a framework for dealing with apparent shortcomings in conduct. Staff and managers should also refer to the Maximising Attendance policy and Performance Improvement Policy when dealing with these specific issues.


COPFS Payscales 1 April 2021

Equal Pay Policy
COPFS is committed to the principle of equal pay for all employees. We aim to eliminate any sex bias in our pay systems.

Flexible Working Hours Policy

This document provides an overview of the FWH Policy for managers and staff. The policy cannot anticipate all potential situations and where further guidance is required this should be sought from HR.

COPFS Standards and Conduct

Rules of conduct in the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service are informed by two key values:
“Being Professional” and “Showing Respect”

Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plan for 2020/23

We are committed to providing a heathy working environment that promotes and protects the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees. Our Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plan set out our aims, outcomes and actions to support employee wellbeing.